Interests & Recruitment in Science:

Factors influencing recruitment,
retention and gender equity in science,
technology and mathematics higher education


Recent activities

1. Kick off meeting was held in June, Oslo, Norway.

2. Second IRIS consortium meeting was held in Ljubljana in November 2009.

3. IRIS WORKSHOP was held at the XIV IOSTE Symposium on 18th June, 10.
25 participants from 15 countries participated at the workshop and presented their future involvement in IRIS project.

4. Third IRIS consortium meeting was held in beautiful Venice, in October 2010.

5. Fourth IRIS consortium meeting was held in wonderful Copenhagen, in March 2011.

Upcoming events

Next IRIS consortium meeting will be held in Lyon, in September 2011 at ESERA conference, where IRIS Symposium will be presented as well.

The last IRIS consortium meeting will take place in London, from 6.-7. Februar 2012.