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IRIS international study

The IRIS consortium invites groups and institutions in countries other than the five IRIS consortium countries to collect data in an extensive study called “IRIS international”. An “IRIS international associated partner” will have to find their own funding for data collection and research; however, all partners may look for possibilities for funding of joint working seminars etc.

The six partners in the IRIS research consortium developed the questionnaire instrument “IRIS Q” and used it in 2010 to collect data from STEM students eight months into their first year of university or college education. Since then, IRIS international associated partners have collected data in an additional ca. 20 countries (as of September 2013). Results from the Australian survey may be found HERE.

A preliminary list of international associated partners may be accessed from the bottom of this page.

International associated partners wishing to collect data are referred to the «Guidelines for IRIS Q translation, sampling, data collection and coding», where the actual questionnaire instrument is also to be found.

Dr. Anders Jidesjö at Linköping University serves as a coordinator for the IRIS international associated partners. Please contact him at anders.jidesjo[at] if you are interested in participating as an international associated partner.

Each IRIS international associated partner is responsible for the quality of data collection in their own country and is the owner of their national data set. They are expected to submit their data to the coordinator (Anders Jidesjö), to enable possible future comparative studies. Any IRIS consortium member or international associated partner may approach any other partner with requests for research cooperation on the IRIS Q data and/or requests for access to data. The coordinator will not distribute data files but will refer to responsible researchers in each country.

The IRIS consortium does not take responsibility for the quality of analyses performed and published by international associated partners; each partner is responsible for delivering high standards of research and for fairness in dissemination and accreditation.

When citing the source of the IRIS Q instrument, please refer to the IRIS web page ( and documents published there, notably the "IRIS publishable summary" for the general aims and framework of the project, and "Guidelines for IRIS Q translation, sampling, data collection and coding" for the methodological details and the actual IRIS questionnaire.

A book describing the framework and research within IRIS is to be published in 2014 and will then be the standard reference to the project at large:

Henriksen, E. K., Dillon, J., & Ryder, J. (Eds.) (in preparation, to be published early 2014). Understanding student participation and choice in science and technology education. Dordrecht: Springer.
IRIS Q will be detailed in the book’s Appendix.

A preliminary list of IRIS international associated partners is presented below. A separate “IRIS international” web site may be established in due time.


The following groups and institutions have submitted "letters of intention" expressing their interest in collecting IRIS data in their respective countries:

Europe, America, Australia /Oceania, Asia, Africa, Other