Call for proposal: Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliances 2020



 Key challenge

Recent global movements (such as for instance School strike for Climate) indicate a rapidly growing awareness, frustration, and eagerness of the European youth to actively engage with securing a sustainable future for all. Even though the need for a holistic, interdisciplinary and cross-sector approach to sustainability has been increasingly recognised on research and policy levels, the trickle-down to higher education curricula and learning approaches has been slow.


Therefore, in the Active8-Planet project we aim to research and experiment with unconventional approaches towards teaching and learning that would empower and mobilize students towards future-oriented climate and sustainability actions and enhance transformation of the university research and knowledge in planet-centred interventions. Giving young people a platform to act.


Project aims to develop, implement and assess the impact of a new Active8-Planet learning model, which integrates the 4 key planet-centred development principles:

  1. Interdisciplinary & Intergenerational Co-creation,
  2.  People-centred Design,
  3.  University-Business Collaboration,
  4.  Environmental Ambition and Action.

The proposed Active8-Planet learning model is being piloted and evaluated in the frame of two Learning Cycles – in relation to 2 study years – involving interdisciplinary, intergenerational, transnational and cross-sectoral Team Projects. In these projects the teams of students, professors, industry professionals and other relevant stakeholders collaborate and jointly develop concepts and interventions for challenging issues, opening up possibilities for sustainable futures. The activities are aligned with a set of core agendas serving as an inspiration, a guideline and a vision. These are the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and Ethics in research and development.

Project consortium:



  • 1.1.2021 – 31.12.2023 (36 months)

Total eligible costs:

  • € 947.685,00

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Contact person at IRI UL:

  • Gregor Cerinšek