The Innovation and Development Institute of the University of Ljubljana (IRI UL) is a research and development organisation that actively co-designs, creates and disseminates technological and societal solutions tailored to people and the environment. In line with our mission, we identify the needs of the economy, design and manage international research and development projects within the framework of EU programmes, and support the implementation of project results into practice. In cooperation with industry, NGOs, government institutions and other non-academic actors, we create a bridge between university knowledge and the needs of society and the environment. 

Our paradigm is based on active engagement with local stakeholders and the integration of anthropological research methods, approaches and knowledge. Our in-depth understanding of the needs of different social groups enables us to develop innovations that contribute to positive social change. 

We focus on sustainable energy production, storage and use, and promote energy efficiency, the integration of renewable energy sources and the establishment of smart energy networks through advice and strategies. With our expertise in energy and material efficiency in the built environment, we actively address today’s challenges, working to reduce emissions and optimise energy and material flows. Our approach to building renovation is based on the concepts of embodied energy and energy efficiency of building performance. In line with the European Industrial Strategy, we support the transition of the built environment and industry towards carbon neutrality targets by 2050. 

Our commitment to responsible research and innovation ensures standards of transparency, ethics and safety. Involving diverse groups of people in our R&D activities brings diverse perspectives that help us better understand the potential social and environmental impacts of our work. In doing so, we aim to set an example of responsible and ethical action, co-create a sustainable society and foster innovation for a green future.