The Real-Life Learning Lab is based on interdisciplinary groups of students, teachers, researchers, and non-academic representatives jointly working on projects that address real-life sustainability and societal challenges. Problem-based learning, teaching, and researching is combined with practical work experiences and exposed to the needs of communities, industries, and society. It enhances the development of students’ practical skills and increases their employment and career prospects. The activities and projects’ results serve as an inspiration for new solutions and inventions or lead to the improvement of existing solutions, products, or services. In addition, the process supports companies when identifying and recruiting young talents. 

Students get acquainted with the basic principles of project work; people-centred development; interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and multigenerational co-creation; innovation processes and entrepreneurship. They develop teamwork, communication, creativity, and project management skills together with ethics and environmental responsibility, overall facilitating their transition into the world of work.  

We design, lead and supervise interdisciplinary students’ projects; together with students and other project members we identify company challenges, develop research questions and prepare research plan; we organize, implement, and supervise field research work; analyse results; design insights and development recommendations.