Our team possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of strategic energy transformation. This includes formulating comprehensive energy strategies and meticulously planning, coordinating, and implementing complex projects at national, regional, and international levels. Our approach combines in-depth knowledge of the energy sector with a comprehensive understanding of EU funding mechanisms, enabling us to successfully navigate complex EU funding applications to maximise the chances of securing funding for projects. Our expertise covers energy markets, the planning of energy system generation, the implementation of innovative energy solutions, the promotion of renewable energy and the development of smart grid technology. 

We offer energy solutions tailored for both private consumers and industrial sectors. Our focus is on enhancing energy efficiency, harnessing renewable resources, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. In sustainable projects, we integrate these elements from the outset, not only reducing energy consumption but also the overall demand for energy. 

Smart grids are instrumental in optimizing and adapting the functionality of electrical networks. They aim to create a production, transport, and distribution system that adapts to the evolving needs of users. These grids incorporate a communication network to facilitate interaction between production units and consumers Integrating renewable energy sources into the grid is closely linked to innovative energy storage solutions. The diversification of electricity production sources necessitates a reconfiguration of the electricity system. 

Energy markets are pivotal in the economic interaction between energy generation and consumption. DSOs/TSOs play a crucial role in managing demand response efficiently, minimizing disruptions in electrical supply. 

A Local Energy Community is a collaborative effort among citizens, organizations, and local authorities who participate as both energy producers and end users. Their main objective is to work together in various aspects of energy, such as generation, distribution, storage, supply, aggregation, and management. Additionally, they also provide energy services to the grid. Emphasize the importance of local engagement and local empowerment in their energy initiatives to create social value.