Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana

Kongresni trg 12
1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 (0)1 241 85 97

Who are we?

How to reach us?

The purpose of the Institute is to implement interdisciplinary scientific research, development and professional projects under the registered activities:

  • Activities to support the transfer of knowledge from UL to users especially in the economy, public services, state and local government.
  • Basic, applied, developmental research .
  • Activities related to the development and operation of research
  • Activities related to the protection of intellectual property created in employment relationships and other rights in intellectual property.
  • Represent research and development achievements of researchers involved in IRI UL, domestic and international public.
  • Together with UL to provide training and education in the field of research, development and innovation activities.


The mission of the IRI UL is to identify research and development needs of the economy, to identify the competencies of researchers from UL, and  develop and manage research and development projects to protect intellectual property at UL, be a catalyst for partnerships with industry and business and to transfer R & D results into commercial applications for public use and benefit.


Based on the intellectual capital of UL, will IRI UL, as a support network for the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge and innovative solutions, established long-term and mutually beneficial partnership between the University, the Slovenian industry and national institutions for the promotion of research and development activities .


IRI UL values are : ethics in research and activities, appropriate and correct relationship to all involved in the activities of the IRI UL, respecting the integrity of employees, inventiveness and promotion of innovation.


Strategy and long term goals

The creation of knowledge networks for translation of research results into the language of economy

  1. Identify the range of skills of researchers from different scientific research areas.
  2. Identify research needs of the economy, defining and implementing research.
  3. Designing entry points for communication.
  4. The development of the concept of "knowledge of this market".
  5. Formal and legal support for the design and implementation of projects.


Establishing a competence center for the implementation of inter / multidisciplinary projects

  1. Identification of a suitable model for knowledge and technology transfer
  2. Identification of potential projects.
  3. Building a network of researchers, together with faculties, institutes and industry.
  4. The creation of infrastructure for receiving complex projects.
  5. The creation of a legal / financial support for start-up development projects.


Support for the protection of knowledge, promotion and marketing of intellectual capital of IRI UL & UL

  1. Creating the IRI UL brand, promotional activities.
  2. Connecting with academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions and economy.
  3. Coordination of activities and networking of the UL members to sign up for EU projects.
  4. Education and training in the field of research, development and innovation activities.