(The International Organization for Science and Technology Education) aims to encourage informed debate, reflection and research on science and technology (S&T) education. IOSTE was established in 1979 to promote contact and dialogue across political and ideological borders. A key concern was that education in S&T should be a vital part of the general education of the peoples of all countries. IOSTE identifies science and technology education with the real and changing needs of humankind as a whole and with specific needs of its component communities and nations. IOSTE wants to continue and strengthen its tradition and considers that S&T education should:

  • Highlight S&T education for citizenship and for informed, critical, and active    participation in democracy
  • Stress the relationship between science, technology and society
  • Emphasize the cultural and human values of S&T
  • Promote equity in S&T and S&T educationAdvance S&T education for a just and sustainable development and consider how S&T education can contribute to the fight against poverty, discrimination and injustice
  • Encourage the peaceful and ethical use of S&T in the service of humankind
  • Encourage cultural diversity and international understanding through S&T education
  • Stimulate international collaboration in the domains of research and development and promote cooperation with other international organizations