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Dear XIV IOSTE Symposium participants,

We are happy to inform you that final updated version of IOSTE Symposium proceedings have been uploaded on 2 November 2010. We included the comments that we received by the end of October.
The proceedings as well as the Symposium program booklet are now published here.

They will be sent to the IOSTE official website and from there toThomson Reuters; you will be informed about it by e-mail;
Once again we would like to express our depest gratitute to all who contributed to the IOSTE symposium 2010.

Kind regards from Slovenia,
XIV IOSTE organizers

Thank you!

Dear XIV IOSTE Symposium participants,
It was our utmost pleasure to be your hosts here in Slovenia. We felt inspired and happy to get the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed your staying in Slovenia.

The Symposium could  not be as successful as it was, without your positive energy, good will and efforts that you’ve put in while writing the abstracts and full papers, reviewing and editing them and finally  travelling to Slovenia from all over the globe just to be part of this inspiring event (PHOTO GALLERY).

We are sure that there will be many more IOSTE symposiums and the importance of human values in daily life and especially in the field of education, will spread around the world also because of the organization such as IOSTE.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Terry Lyons, former Chair of IOSTE Organization. Without his patience, understanding, humor and loving kindness, this Symposium would not be as successful and pleasant, as it was. He is the example of the values that IOSTE organization stands for and we were blessed to be able to work with him.

Se also the updated symposium program.
Thank you again and wishing you all a pleasant vacation!
IOSTE organizing commitee


Number of proposals submitted 426: of which 351 accepted, 57 rejected and 18 withdrawn.

About symposium


XIV. IOSTE symposium will promote the development and dissemination of theoretical knowledge, conceptual research, and professional practice knowledge on science and technology education.

You are invited to attend and participate in this international symposium which offers great opportunities to share your ideas, explore the research, development, and applications and to network with the leaders in this important field of science and technology education.



The XIV IOSTE symposium is hosted by University of Ljubljana in cooperation with the Institute for Innovation and development at the University of Ljubljana (IRI UL), the National educational institute of Slovenia, Entrepreneurial and educational centre of Ljubljana and the International Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE).


About University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana possesses a rich tradition. It ranks as a very large university, with more than 63,000 graduate and postgraduate students. Approximately 4000 higher education teachers are employed in the 22 faculties, 3 arts academies and one university college. The university was founded in 1919 on the basis of centuries of educational tradition, remaining the only Slovenian university for half a century. The University is based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a relatively large Central-European city with over 300.000 inhabitants. Students account for more than one-seventh of the population, giving the city a youthful and lively character.

About Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana

IRI UL has been established by UL in order to perform interdisciplinary, scientific, research, development and professional projects. The task of IRI is also to protect the intellectual property of the UL; to establish the entrepreneurial partnership between the industry and the University and to transfer the research and development outcomes into commercial applications for public use and benefits. Therefore IRI will establish a long run and reciprocal partnership between University of Ljubljana, Slovene industry and public institutions in order to foster research and development activities.

About the National educational institute of the Republic of Slovenia

The recent conceptual restructuring of the education system has radically re-shaped the public education system at the pre-university level and given The National Education Institute of The Republic of Slovenia a new role with new professional challenges.

The National Education Institute has become an important partner in the circles of all those who have been conceptualizing education and has undertaken a visible role in the processes of implementing and monitoring innovative programs and practices in kindergartens, schools and student dormitories. With planned and well grounded reflection, it strives to achieve the goals set by the reform – increase the accessibility of education for everyone, open up the education system globally and ensure the highest possible degree of quality in education. Its final goal is to mould well educated people, open minded and capable of forming critical yet objective judgements, who will be able to integrate successfully into the modern world.
In co-operation with experts from different areas and from different countries along with the professional staff at educational institutions, we are going to continue with the further development of curriculum solutions, with the development of up-to-date forms of the organisation and performance of both teaching and learning, and with the education and training of professionals within the education system. With collective efforts we are going to seek, work out and implement solutions which shall connect the Slovenian education system even more effectively with Europe.

About Entrepreneurial and educational centre of Ljubljana

Entrepreneurial and educational centre was established in 2009 and consists of different high schools in the field of science and technology in the Ljubljana region of Slovenia. Its mission is the establishment of the entrepreneurial and innovation environment that connects Ljubljana high schools with the industry, University, and public institutions in order to foster mutual cooperation and research and development activities. Its main objective is the promotion of science, technology and entrepreneurship in all areas of education and competence development.       

Sponsors and supporters

Ministry of Education and Sports of Slovenia

Slovenian Research Agency

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