Cultural program: Postojna and Ljubljana

This is a whole day excursion where you will discover one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, Postojna cave, and go around the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The opportunity that you do not want to miss!

  • Departure from Bled

  • Postojna Cave

  • Lunch in the Cave mansion
  • Ljubljana
  • Free time
  • Bled

Approximate duration: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Price includes: entrance fee for the Cave, Lunch, guide, bus transport, organisation of the tour

Do not forget: warm clothes (cold and humid caves), cameras.
Price: 70 € (20 % VAT is not included)

Postojna Cave

Postojna cave is a network of 20 kilometres of passages, galleries and chambers into which experienced guides have accompanied more than 31 million visitors in the last 188 years. It is the largest cave in the “classic karst” and the most vis¬ited show cave in Europe. In 1872 railway lines were laid in the cave; electricity arrived in 1884. Today you begin your visit aboard the cave train; the electric lighting allows you to admire the size and splendour of the underground world, where the geological past is recorded in a unique manner. Visitors to the cave are dazzled by a wealth of speleothems: calcite formations, stalactites and stalagmites abounding in a variety of shapes, colours and age. The constant temperatureinthe caves ranges from 8 to 10° C. A guided visit lasts an hour and a half. More»

Ljubljana - the Capital City of Slovenia

Ljubljana is large enough to have everything that other capitals have and at the same time small enough to show warmth and hospitality to every visitor. It is a friendly city with visable remains of the Roman city of Emona, a baroque old part of town, with narrow cobbled streets squeezed between the castle slopes and the river Ljubljanica, art nouveau mansions, and modern buildings. The old core of a city is significant for the beauty of the northern style Architecture of City Hall and for magnificient Italian influent Cathedral of St.Nikolai. Just by its side there is a must for all visitors of Ljubljana:  the open market where you can truly get the atmosphere of this city. The excursion offers you also a funicular ride up to the Castle of Ljubljana, one of the main symbols of our country. More»