Contributions from various areas of science and technology education are welcome.
We also invite scholars in other disciplines offering new perspectives on the conference theme to participate.

The conference will focus on the following topics: 

1.  Diversity in Science and Technology Education:

The theme embraces aspects of diversity in STE, including social, cultural and gender diversity. Papers concerning strategies to encourage greater equity of participation in S&T are particularly encouraged;

2.  S&T Curriculum Issues:

The theme encompasses research on a broad range of S&T curriculum issues, including curriculum development and reform, teaching and learning strategies, the use of ICTs in science learning, quality issues, curriculum content, structure, assessment and texts;

3.  STE for Sustainable Development:

Topics include research on ecological and environmental dimensions of STE, teaching and learning strategies concerning sustainable development, sustainable development curricula, economic and social implications of sustainable development education;

4.  S&T Teacher Education:

This theme invites research papers on pre-service teacher education, teacher professional development, and policy initiatives to attract, retain and support S&T teachers;

5.  Methodological and Interdisciplinary Issues in STE:

Topics include multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in science education, values education, issues of ethics, democracy and peace in STE, and philosophical,
psychological and sociological aspects of STE.