Organization of events

1. Participation at "The European Technology Platform and EUREKA – Joint Goals meeting, Slovenia, Ptuj, 16. September 2008

2. Co-organizer of the iCAT - International Conference on Additive Technologies), Slovenia, Ptuj, 17-19. September 2008

3. Organizer of the 3 day seminar  L.I.F.E. – Leadership Initiative For Excellence, November 2009

4. Organizer of the 5. Slovenian Tehnological Platform: Open Innovation, Ljubljana, November 2009

5. Organizer and moderator of the round table discussion on »Efficient cooperation for successful employment«,UL, FDV, November 2009

6. Organizer of a public discussion: Slovene Higher Education Graduates form the Perspective of Labour Market – presentation of the results of HEGESCO project,  November 2009

7. Organizer of international conference “IOSTE 2010 – Socio-cultural  and Human Values in Science and Technology Education” international conference, Bled, June 2010

8. Co-organizer of the conference iCAT 2010 (International Conference on Additive Technologies), Nova Gorica, September 2010
9. Co-organizer of the conference Rapid Product Development and Manufacturing International, Ljubljana, September 2010: