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PEOPLE project is co-funded by the EU program Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliances 2016. At the core of the project is the idea that understanding people should become an indispensable part of industrial development processes, as a means to achieve practical-based education as well as new categories of products, services, or business strategies that truly address people’s needs and lead to sustainable innovation.

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MOBISTYLE is co-financed by the EU programme Horizon 2020 (Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT). The project aims to motivate users’ behavioural change by expanding their awareness, mainly through the use of attractive, customized, ICT-supported services relating to energy use, quality of indoor environment, health and lifestyle. Awareness will motivate users for more rational behaviour regarding energy use and healthy lifestlyes.

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EduFootprint is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund - Interreg Mediterranean (MED). The key purpose of the project is to enhance the ability of owners and managers of public buildings in the direction of better energy management; This will be achieved not only with regard to the direct impact of energy in buildings (use) but also through indirect measures (procurement and full consciousness and behaviour).

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2017-4 (562): People-friendly Energy Information System

How can we use ethnography and other qualitative research methods to study IT solutions for energy efficiency in buildings? How to combine thick data with big data stored and analysed by an energy information system? How to plan and carry out a people-centred development and design process?

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Model of passionate innovation

In the proposed project, we are interested in how to successfully implement and accelerate the innovation activity in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which represent the backbone of the economy in Slovenia and the EU.

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Healthy kindergartens

Frequency of respiratory diseases related to the quality of buildings Project The person in indoor places spends 90% of the time, therefore healthy environments constitute a basic condition for health, which is important for gold in kindergartens and schools.

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