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Central Europe Research to Innovation Models

Innovation and technological development are important competitive advantages in an increasingly globalised setting. The ambitious targets defined on a European level (e.g. Barcelona target) assume that public research organisations will be able to increase their contribution to this development. However, to successfully develop marketable products and services puts considerable demands on a well-functioning technology transfer process from awareness raising activities to increase the critical mass of inventions, to develop selected inventions to increase their commercial value and finally to carry them to market through existing businesses or new companies.

Building on this challenge, the mission of the CERIM project is to develop adapted valorisation models for a more effective and efficient technology transfer from the universities and research institutes in Central Europe. The long-term effects are to contribute to a stronger sector of knowledge intensive European companies and a revitalisation of markets through innovative companies.

The project consists of ten technology transfer specialists and public research organisations, which form the test bed for the project. The project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

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Duration: 1.9.2008–31.8.2011
Contact: Manca Poglajen