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trap ee
TRAP-EE (TRAining Personnel towards operational Energy Effciency of the buildings) is a multilateral project funded by the European Commission under the Life Long Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of innovation.

The aim

The aim of the respective scheme is to improve the quality and attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training in the participating countries by transferring existing innovations to new legal, systemic, sector, linguistic, socio-cultural and geographic environments through working with transnational partners.

The main aim of the TRAP-EE is to develop a training programme to train the personnel responsible for property maintenance (caretakers) to achieve and improve operational energy efficiency of the public buildings and to ensure healthy and safety indoor environment.


The project involves five partners from three different European countries:   


  1. To transfer the already developed training material from one consortium partner (energie: bewusst Kärnten) to other four consortium partners (IRI UL, GOLEA, STŠ and HEP ESCO) addressing 3 different segments within the public sector (i.e. universities, primary schools and office buildings), and with adjusting the existing training material taking into account the specific needs of the local environments and target training group of caretakers.
  2. To develop training programme that will be based on the innovative model of work experience. The model will integrate the learning and working environment, from which realistic learning experiences will arise.
  3. To pilot and evaluate the developed training programmes in Slovenia and Croatia addressing the three different segments within the public buildings sector. The results of the evaluation will be incorporated in the final design of the developed training programme.
  4. To integrate the developed training programmes into institution-based Vocational Education and Training and lifelong learning practices in the field of buildings operational energy-efficiency in Slovenia and Croatia.
If your institution wants to take part in the research, get access to results and train your caretakers in the field of operational energy efficiency, you can contact us on:                    

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Duration: October 2013 - March 2015 (18 month)
Contact: Gregor Cerinšek