03 Oct 2022

Boosting Energy Communities in the EU – NRG2peers event

One of the ways to increase the share of renewable energy sources is by the establishment and proper management of renewable energy communities. However, energy communities still represent a relatively small share in the European energy mix.

The NRG2peers project responds to the need for clear guidance, education, and support with respect to the methodologies and current practices for the set-up and take-off of successful energy communities, both on local and at the EU level. The key aim of the project is to support the uptake of a next generation of European peer-to-peer energy communities.

On 28 September 2022, NRG2peers hosted its second European-wide conference on Boosting the Energy Communities in the EU. The event took place in Brussels and brought together leading experts on energy communities from across the EU to discuss the next steps in upscaling and mainstreaming energy communities. Among others, Achille Hannoset (DG ENER) spoke about the Renewable Energy Directive, which offers the framework for energy sharing; Josh Roberts (REScoop.eu) exposed the gaps in existing EU energy community policies and potential ways to address them, and Myriam Castanié (European Commission Energy Communities Repository) presented the available support structures for energy communities in the EU. Furthermore, practical experiences from energy communities in the member states were presented by Job Swens (Spectral), Juan Sacri (Sapiens Energia) and Sven Van Elst (ASTER).

The conference was video recorded and the recordings are available below. Additionally, the presenters’ slides can be accessed on the project website.

Part 1:

Part 2: