Central Europe Research to Innovation Models (CERIM) 

The project was cofinanced under Interreg Central Europe.

Project challenge

Despite the strong interest in the development of innovation systems that would allow the commercialization of academic research, experience shows that the following research challenges arise:

  • how to design and run successful marketing models from a perspective of a regional perspective,
  • how within the prevailing academic culture it will enable organized and efficient transfer of technologies,
  • how to provide a critical mass of commercially useful innovations,
  • How to set up a network of local, national and international support organizations, and links between economic partners, technology transfer experts and venture capital,
  • how to effectively reach the target groups of companies.

Project’s aim

The purpose of the research is to find long-term answers to these challenges and to contribute to the increased competitiveness of Slovenian companies with regard to Central Europe.

Successful economic environments are increasingly emphasizing the importance of the contribution of higher education and research institutions to the development of local, state and supranational economies. With the increasing focus on knowledge-based research that provides a competitive edge in the global environment and the clear political goals towards increasing public spending on research and development in the EU, both at regional, national and international levels, support has been significantly increased transferring research results to market environments (especially in SMEs). In particular, SMEs, which are mainly limited by investing in research activities within a company and operating outside strong technological environments, are the targeted environment most likely to be acquired through technology transfer activities.

Projektni konzorcij

Project duration

From 1.9.2008 untill 31.8.2011 (36 mesecev)

Total eligible costs

3.600.000,00 €

Project’s website

Contact at IRI UL

Slavko Dolinšek