Integrating Community Power in Energy Islands (Compile)

Compile is an international European research project, co-funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research programme (H2020-EU.3.3.4. – A single, smart European electricity grid).


With the technological development and the increasing integration of RES, storage of various energy vectors supported by new organisational measures and business models is used to foster the development of local energy systems and to boost the use of local energy sources.

The Compile project addresses the following challenges:

  • current energy systems were not designed to support a large number of renewable energy sources (RES) neither large energy consumers, such as heat pumps or electric vehicles;
  • energy network consumers are mostly in a passive role;
  • transition from a centralized system into decentralized energy networks;
  • RES are not sufficiently integrated into the energy networks.


The main objective of COMPILE is to show the opportunities of energy islands for decarbonisation of energy supply, community building and creating environmental and socioeconomic benefits. COMPILE project aims to activate and use Local Energy Systems in order to support the fast growth of energy production from RES in constrained networks and foster the transition from centralized system with passive users into a flexible network of active users featuring energy communities. This transformation aims to enhance RES integration and increase the security of supply, without traditional network reinforcement. COMPILE is uniting the efforts of DSOs, market actors and the communities of active consumers, since increasing decentralization needs more consumer engagement and participation. The project aims to better understand the way emerging decentralized solutions and the existing centralized infrastructure operate together in an economically efficient way. In COMPILE, we focus on showing the benefit of cooperation through energy communities that will solve current grid problems in a coordinated way, avoiding the costly network reinforcement while leading to an increased RES share.

The demo cases in COMPILE are positioned along the spectrum of this passive-/active consumer transition and will show different approaches to coordination of consumers, technology and business models. The demos will have different “starting point”: different countries, different technology, organizational levels, community sizes, composition (industry/houses/retail), and regulatory perspective. All COMPILE demos feature a high replicability potential.

Our vision is an interplay of flexible energy community-supported networks with current centralized system, increasing societal benefit with optimized planning. This leads to a more economical use of resources, help local businesses and decarbonise local areas.

Project goals

  • Empowering Local Energy Systems (transition from a centralized system into a flexible but secure decentralized network).
  • Optimal integration and control of all the energy vectors, storage and electromobility options to maximize decarbonisation and energy savings.
  • Foster the creation of energy communities taking into account positive effects on the local economy and user acceptance considering vulnerable groups.
  • Create new ways to stimulate actors in the value chain to cooperate to maximize the societal benefit, to foster the adoption of the technological solutions and enable a large-scale replication of the developed technological solutions and business models.

Project partners

Project duration

  • 11. 2018 – 31. 3. 2022

Total eligible costs

  • EUR 1.090.687,50

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