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CrossCert project is creating a testing methodology for EPCs and the related certification services. It seeks to improve accuracy and usability of the EPCs, promote people-centred designs, and increase homogeneity of EPCs across Europe. It also seeks improvement in areas of training of certified EPC issuers, EPC promotion and marketing, and linkage between EPCs and related concepts, such as Smart Readiness Indicators, Building Logbooks, Building Renovation Passports, and one-stop-shops for building retrofitting.

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REMARKABLE is developing supporting services for existing Climate Leaders working at municipal and regional levels, as well as training new generations of leaders who will drive the European Union's ambitions for Climate Neutrality by 2050. Through our activities, we give voice to the existing and emerging local leaders, as well as create space for them to search for quick and effective ways to meet (and exceed) Europe’s ambitions for transition into a carbon-neutral, sustainable future.

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The general objective of EduFootprint Plus project is to better manage, plan and monitor the energy consumption in public buildings in the Mediterranean area. Specifically, EduFootprint will reach this aim focusing on public buildings with an innovative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, considering not just direct energy impacts of buildings (consumption), but also indirect ones (public procurement or general human awareness and behaviour).

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