Energy Efficiency Network

Vse večji stroški energije, pomanjkanje energetskih virov in klimatske spremembe so dejstva, ki zahtevajo spremembe.”>Increasing energy costs, the lack of energy resources and climate change are facts that require changes. For innovative companies, therefore, increasing energy efficiency is a challenge, and at the same time it improves the competitive advantage. Energy efficiency networks are tools that support all of this. By mutual learning within a functioning network, the company and public institutions formulate measures to reduce energy use in the most cost-effective way. In the initial phase of network operation and mutual cooperation, its activity relates to efficiency improvements according to the knowledge of the latest technologies (electrical appliances, combined heating and cooling systems, …) and the introduction of energy management. The project is focusing at establishing a network of energy efficiency for public buildings owned by the Zagorje municipality, initially in a pilot building where the energy information system is already installed, and later it will spread to other public buildings in the Zagorje municipality according to their interests and needs.