Network of »Living Labs« for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (EnergyViLLab)

The project was co-financed under Crossborder Cooperation Program Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013.

Project challenge

Critical factors that occur in the world are:

  • constant high energy consumption and exploitation and pollution phenomena;
  • low investment rate in RRM (RES: Renewable Energy Sources, RUE: Rationale Use of Energy, MOB: Sustainable Mobility System) in the public sector;
  • low propensity for RRM interventions for cooperation public / public-private sector;
  • poor integration and awareness of citizens;
  • lack of economic resources for further conventional approaches (which are needed to run the stable and sustainable mechanisms for long-term effects);
  • Insufficient development of environmental technologies and high-tech manufacturing capabilities to create opportunities for sustainable development and increased employment.

In Italy the current production of energy from renewable sources is 5.2% and in Slovenia 16%. By the year of 2020, ambitious targets: 17% in Italy and 25% in Slovenia are set. The project intends to contribute to the achievement of the set objectives for increasing the share of energy from renewable sources and indirectly contribute to the increasing of energy efficiency and to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Project’s aim

Project aims are:

  • Improvement of knowledge, application and behaviour with RRM topic (RES: Renewable Energy Sources, RUE: Rationale Use of Energy, MOB:
  • Sustainable Mobility System) in the cross-border area of Italy and Slovenia with virtuous and independent approaches in order to increase the attractiveness, competitiveness and integration of cross-border areas,
  • promotion of comparisons and experience exchanging between professionals, technicians in companies, universities, centers of innovation and individual cross-border area who are essential for the promotion of programs and joint economic development agreements;
  • Encouraging the development of products and services, which would fed the demand for new RRM products in the cross-border area and would increase

Key objectives

  • Establishment of living laboratories based on RRM in the cross-border territory and progressive establishment of their recognizable profile in ENoLL network.
  • Expansion in the cross-border area with the help of project EnergyViLLab, RRM initiatives and outputs, along with activities of pairing and information.
  • Establishment of cross-border network of EnergyViLLab (consisting of 6 EnergyViLLab pilot and at least two other potential EnergyViLLab set during the execution of the project), which will facilitate the exchange of information and good practice and improve the prospects for joint programming of RRM projects and initiatives between Italy and Slovenia.

Project consortium

Project duration

From 1. 11. 2011 untill 31. 5. 2014 (31 mesecev)

Total eligible costs

1.341.000,00 €

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Contact at IRI UL

prof. dr. Slavko Dolinšek