Qualitative Research in Higher Education Teaching APProaches for sustainabilitY and well-being in Bhutan (HAPPY)

Call for proposal: Erasmus+, Capacity Building in the field of higher education 2020





Key challenge:

Qualitative research methods and data have been recognized as critically important to contribute to evidence-based policies which address social and developmental challenges. There is however a disjuncture between the desire for qualitative research data and the absence of knowledge, skills and technical infrastructure to teach qualitative research methods.


Providing learning and teaching tools, methodologies and pedagogical approaches on qualitatve reserarch methods and integrating them at the 4 Colleges in Bhutan in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities. Providing students with transversal competencies to improve their employability in the labor market.

Key objectives

  1. Sensitizing different stakeholders in Bhutan about the importance and added value of the qualitative research
  2. Enhance Capacities of Higher Education Staff
  3. Enriching the Existing Curricula of Bhutanese social science and humanities colleges

Project consortium



  • 15.1.2021 – 15.1.2024 (36 months)

Total eligible costs:

  • € 946.993,00

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Contact person at IRI UL:

  • Gregor Cerinšek