Industrialised durable building envelope retrofitting by all-in-one interconnected technology solutions

INFINITE is an international project co-funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme (LC-EEB-04-2020 – Industrialisation of building envelope kits for the renovation market (IA)).


The EU’s building stock needs to be refurbished at a greater pace. This is one of the key areas of Green deal in which EU is striving to become first climate neutral continent and especially its Renovation wave initiative. A wide range of products dedicated to insulation, energy supply and comfort are available on the market. Integration into buildings undergoing deep renovation and the interconnectivity between these products in such buildings still raise many challenges because of lack of affordable, ready-to-go, all-in-one, tailor made reliable solutions for future customers. Such holistic solutions are intended major existing residential buildings. INFINITE project will pave the way for the decarbonisation of the EU building stock by facilitating the uptake of all-in-one industrialised envelope technologies by the market. The prefabrication of multifunctional envelopes has been shown to be a technically-viable approach from a series of relevant experiences.


INFINITE aims at increasing the market penetration of industrialized all-in building envelope kits for the deep renovation, as competitive, reliable, stakeholders-accepted and life-cycle-based sustainable approach contributing to decarbonization of the EU building stock. INFINITE will work to narrow the gap towards the full adoption of an industrialized renovation approach developing a set of multi-user and multi-disciplinary tools, and all-in-one industrialised envelope technologies, based on robust business, meeting the demand side requirements, by keeping the focus on final users and all the stakeholders in the value-chain drawing from experience in MOBISTLYE (IEQ, energy and health), Triple-A-reno (Organizing refurbishments) and U-CERT (New EPCs).

INFINITE’s approach for deep renovation of buildings will result in both cost and time reduction, with attention to the life cycle perspective and the design for assembly and disassembly, including end-of-life residual value as well as construction and demolition waste as we address it in Drive 0  project.

The INFINITE development drivers are:

  • cost and timing reduction,
  • Life Cycle perspective,
  • design for assembly and disassembly, considering end-of-life residual value and the Construction-Demolition-Waste topics,
  • low carbon impact materials adoption,
  • stakeholders-centered approach to assure concept acceptance.
  • Moreover, INFINITE will setup an open structured knowledge hub and an organized network of entities as hard-facts based dissemination, for the demonstration of the coupling of digital and industrialised approach

Thanks to INFINITE, EU construction sector can take the chance to move forward towards a long-lasting decarbonisation of the building stock, exploiting the advantages of the “Renovation4.0” (industrialisation + digitalisation) as new generation of industrialised renovation process. The underpinned ground-breaking technologies, tools and business models, will impact the whole value-chain, being able to trigger the deep renovation market activation. There is a demo case foreseen in Slovenia; multifamily building in Ravne na Koroškem, lead by Stanovanjsko podjetje.


The overall objective is to increase the market penetration of industrialized all-in-one building envelope kits for the deep renovation, as competitive, robust, stakeholders-accepted and Life cycle based sustainable approach for the decarbonisation of specific building typologies within the EU existing stock. The goal is to demonstrate key tools, robust and competitive technologies and demand-offer matched business models able to boost the adoption of an industrialised and digital retrofit approach in the real market, highlighting actual technical and economic KPIs for real buildings and technologies. From another perspective, INFINITE will show “where&how” the Renovation4.0 have massive market potentials.



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Project team

Project duration

  • 1.11.2020 – 30.4.2025 (54 months)

Overall budget

  • € 10 263 197,50

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