01 Dec 2022

Overview of energy trends in buildings on at the 33rd Real Estate Business forum

Invitation by the Chamber of Real Estate Business, IRI UL associate presented the development of legislation and initiatives at the EU level and the results of some of our projects at the 33rd Real Estate Business Consultations in Portorož on 17.11.2022. He started by presenting the “Trias energetica” approach, according to which the priority should be reduction of use, followed by an increase in the use of locally available renewable energy sources, and finally to use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible. We touched on the Renovation Wave strategy and its implications for building renovation requirements. The Renovation Wave aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings by 60% by 2030. He presented the EU framework for sustainable buildings Level(s), as projects funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan will have to follow the DNSH principle (“do no substantial harm”), which is aligned with the Level(s) framework. He showed some of the recommendations of the U-CERT project, where we have been looking, among other things, at what people think about energy performance certificates. He touched upon the proposal for a Directive on the energy performance of buildings, which has been adopted by the EU Council and will enter into force in 2023, following negotiations between the Parliament and the Commission. These topics are addressed at IRI UL through the promotion of the renovation market (reMODULEES), and practical industrialised renovation with prefabricates is being carried out in Slovenia in the framework of the INFINITE project. Finally, he touched on temperature training and its positive implications for human health and reducing energy consumption, as already demonstrated in UL buildings.

One of the outcomes of the consultation, are the Conclusions, which will be used for communication with decision makers, and a collection of papers from the consultation.