The key activity of the Institute is the design and implementation of development-research or implementation projects with dedicated design teams, complementing the activities of UL or other R & D institutions. Benefits for subscribers (companies) and providers (researchers) are linked to the legal and organizational design of the institute, which enables autonomous project implementation, the most important ones are:

  • A single contact point for communication – important for initial arrangements and identification of project teams with appropriate competencies for carrying out inter- and multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Supply and demand – data on R&D needs of the economy and supply of knowledge (UL or other research organizations and laboratories) in the form of project solutions already implemented with the possibility of further applications
  • Regulated legal formal environment – the institute as an independent legal entity concludes the contracts directly with the contracting authorities and is responsible for the execution of projects in legal transactions with its assets.
  • Regulated intellectual property protection – Intellectual property rights from projects are regulated by contract between contracting authority and contractors in accordance with national law.
  • Professional project management – projects are designed with clear goals, obligations and implementation deadlines and professionally guided by expert and information support for project management tools.
  • Flexible and motivational financial environment – financial independence enables the conclusion of contracts directly with contractors (individuals or organizations) in accordance with the capability and efficiency of projects implemented.
  • The involvement of the university and its members – the status of an associate member enables IRI UL to use equipment and to include of UL researchers on the basis of contracts with its members.

IRI UL performs its activity through project groups composed of competent individuals at UL or other experts in a particular from R&D field. The leader and members of the project team participate in the implementation of the project directly or through the legal entities that determine them. The members of the project teams will be linked to the implementation of concrete projects and will be in a contractual relationship with the institution, which will be time bound to a concrete project.