Proponent of the project: IRI UL and the Faculty of Medicine of University of Ljubljana

Definition of the project

A person in an enclosed area spends 90% of the time, therefore healthy environments constitute a basic condition for health, which is important in kindergartens and schools. Unhealthy environment is the result of inadequate ventilation and, consequently, inadequate microclimate conditions, the presence of sources of pollution in the internal and external environment. Prolonged exposure (of a child) to various risk factors in kindergartens often leads to negative effects on their health. The problem is not knowing the actual situation. In the exposure assessment it is necessary to include a company that will conduct measurements of air pollution in the building and its surroundings and experts in the field of health and the environment. At the same time, the company will be able to test the measurement equipment used to date and test the new one. The participating experts in the engineering professions will discuss various ways of ventilation, assess the hygienic and constructional technical conditions, and perform microbiological sampling and air quality tests. On the basis of the collected data, the medical profession will assess the health effects.

Expected results

  • A model for obtaining a comprehensive exposure assessment for the planning of possible remedial measures.
  • We expect that the frequency of respiratory diseases in children is significantly influenced by hygienic and building technical conditions, different types of ventilation and microbiological quality of air.
  • The results will be important from a commercial point of view due to a comprehensive assessment of the actual situation.
  • We expect increased interest in measurement services and consequently the demand for measuring equipment and services of participating organizations.
  • The results and conclusions of the project will play an important role in the social field in terms of maintaining and strengthening health, which is the largest social product.

Application at:

The field of student’s work

  • Medicine Science
  • Technical Sciences
  • Natural Sciences