Proponent of the project: IRI UL and Aereform

Definition of the project

In the proposed project, we are interested in how to successfully implement and accelerate the innovation activity in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which represent the backbone of the economy in Slovenia and the EU. Successful and innovative SMEs are flexible, responsive and often based on the owner’s passion for work or product development; compared with the larger companies, they face a pronounced lack of resources. The overall goal of the project is to find out how SMEs can successfully innovate and develop their ideas and how to manage the risks arising from these activities and how to transfer such knowledge effectively to other companies. The designed student group will use the moderated introspective to examine how these companies filter ideas, how the process is going from “idea to innovation”, how the decision-making process in conjunction with potential risks is running and how to address the challenges of lack of resources in the development period. The Group will examine the operation of three innovative SMEs from two challenging sectors (aviation and medicine). All three companies operate globally and introduce new technological processes and innovative products in the most demanding industries and in difficult market conditions.
Expected results

  • Development and implementation of the methodology and analysis of the obtained results.
  • Development and testing of the preliminary model of “passionate innovation”.
  • Analysis of innovation activity in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Promotion and dissemination of the acquired results and promotion of innovation activity in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The field of student’s work

  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Technical sciences

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