Definition of Project

How can we use ethnography and other qualitative research methods to study IT solutions for energy efficiency in buildings? How to combine thick data with big data stored and analysed by an energy information system? How to plan and carry out a people-centred development and design process? These questions will be some of those tackled by the students project team working on MePIS Energy, Metronik’s energy information system for energy management, customised and designed for managing – monitoring, analysing, planning – energy consumption in industry, infrastructure facilities, and buildings. With guidance from both academic mentors and industry mentors the interdisciplinary team of students will learn to combine qualitative and quantitative research methods and to apply people-centred development approaches to reach the following goals:


  • to analyse how people perceive and use energy and how the information system is used in one of the buildings of the University of Ljubljana;
  • to analyse how Energy System is influencing energy consumption and energy-related costs;
  • to provide guidelines and suggest modifications of the existing system (interface, displays etc.), develop upgrades or innovative ideas for utilising the existing system for a more efficient, lesser use of energy.

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