Model of »Real Life Learning Lab«

Encouraging the integration and circulation of knowledge between the higher education environment and industry is an important strategic orientation of the University of Ljubljana, and its realization can be done through various models and platforms. The Real Life Learning Lab model is based on the creation of interdisciplinary groups of students that solve specific problems of the industry and the wider society.

Such integration and problem-oriented project work under the mentorship of experts from the higher education and business environment enables the development of practical skills of students, which in the long term increases their employment and career prospects. The results of projects lead to the improvement of existing products and services, they are a source of new ideas and inventions, and at the same time the model enables companies to identify and test young perspective talents.
Based on an innovative, problematic and group approach to solving practical problems, the program develops competencies, enables students to acquire practical knowledge and experiences of students by including them in projects that are implemented in direct partnership with the economy.

Students get acquainted with the basic concepts of project work, innovation processes and entrepreneurship, user-design thinking, communication. With the help of mentors from the educational and economic spheres, students within the framework of project activities, which take place as a complement to the regular learning process, develop innovation, creative thinking and other competences that will enable them to move from education to employment.
Different projects are designed and managed in close cooperation with the economy, and in this way they promote the transfer and circulation of knowledge between the two spheres.

Examples of good practices

Contact: Gregor Cerinšek