Call for proposal: Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliances 2020

Key challenge:

European urban ecosystems are under pressure and facing a range of challenges. Higher education institutions (HEIs) hold great potential to act as key agents in addressing these issues and fostering a dialogue among regional stakeholders to initiate and sustain joint actions towards the creation of more smart and sustainable cities. However, the direct links between universities and cities are still weak. The success in urban development can only be achieved through an integrated approach, where strong partnerships between local citizens, civil society, industry and various levels of government are deemed necessary. In this, the relevance of HEIs is crucial in taking the role of anchor organisations, and leading transformational change in their urban environments.


The UCAMP project aims to empower Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and their urban stakeholders to tackle pressing urban challenges by creating and actively engaging urban communities of practice, developing and implementing multidisciplinary learning interventions for university students, young researchers and life-long learners to develop real-life solutions to pressing urban challenges. The project will be conducted in seven European cities, grouped in three areas of urban focus: Circular economy – Waste Management, Urban Biodiversity, and Sustainable Communities.


The project activities aim to tackle these urban challenges by:

  1. actively addressing them through research and community engagement,
  2. developing & implementing urban challenges bootcamps and innovation tours, and
  3. generating and disseminating replicable tools and resources for HEIs and urban communities in Europe.

Project consortium


  • 1. 1. 2021 – 31. 12. 2023 (36 months)

 Total eligible costs:

  • € 999.941,00

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