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CompoHUB: Skilled Hands for Hi-Tech Production

The composite industry is characterised by high added value and complexity of manual work processes. The future of the composite market is expected to be highly competitive, and companies with innovative capabilities and skilled labour force can thrive and gain market share. The key aim of Compo-HUB project is to use the current potentials offered by the labour market as a baseline and furthermore involve additional education and training activities to re-qualify the labour force to be able to work effectively in the high-tech area of composite manufacturing.

CompoHUB is a project of the Erasmus+ program; field of Strategic partnerships in Vocational Education and Training. The main innovative result of the project is a holistic training programme to educate, train and – consequently – properly qualify the workers in the field of composite manufacturing, which will be responsive to the identified market needs and tailored to the specific requirements of the target training group (i.e. wood cabinet makers/joiners).

The training courses will be integrated and available through the developed on-line open-source learning platform, allowing wide exploitation and simple customization according to the different market needs. In addition, the project will train the educators and trainers from companies and VET institutions and will organize a teaching/learning mobility with a particular focus on work-based teaching.

The project will develop and manage the Composite HUB which will present a durable and result-driven strategic partnership, involving 3 main groups of stakeholders:

  • organizations that carry out research and development on composites and/or manufacture   composite materials,
  • organizations that use the composite materials to manufacture composite parts for different industries (e.g. aerospace, automotive, marine, etc.),
  • training organizations and VET providers.

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Duration: 1.9. 2015 do 31.8. 2017 (24 months)
Contact: Gregor Cerinšek